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Founded in 2010 by William Smith and Scott Robertson, “Realgrassroots” launched the petition PE1319 “Improving Youth Football in Scotland” with the Public Petitions Committee in the Scottish Parliament. As of March 2020, our petition is still ongoing. It is now the longest running public petition in the history of the Scottish Parliament. We are fighting to ensure that every child playing youth football in Scotland is free from exploitation.

Our aims are:

  1. To lobby football associations to remove the three-year rolling registration of age groups 15 to 17.
  2. To remove compensation payments being owed between football clubs for the transfer of children.
  3. To support any child or young person who feels let down by the youth football system.
  4. To ensure that the views of children and young people are always properly considered.

How We Can Help

If you are a parent or player who is unsure of your rights with the football club with which you play, get it touch. We can provide advice to ensure that players and parents are fully aware of what registration with a football club entails and the player’s rights.

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